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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

2012 MRA Rounds 6 & 7 | Season Championship!!!

Hey everyone, sorry I've been away for a bit. The last month and a half has been a total whirlwind!!! Packed into four weeks was round six of the MRA 2012 race season, a three week trip/trek/safari to Africa (Botswana, Zimbabwe, Namibia), and as soon as I got back to Denver I unpacked, showered and then repacked for the final round of races.

Following an intense battle and race win, David
celebrates the championship w/ a victory burnout
I'll do my best to keep this short and sweet and not bore you too much with words. Round six was absolutely amazing and I couldn't have asked for a better weekend. The weather was perfect, as it seems to have been all year, and the turnout was good. I finished 3rd in Heavyweight Endurance on Saturday and following heated battles in both Amateur GTU and Amateur GTO, did the double for the first time on Sunday! Taking those two victories gave me the confidence that I needed moving into the final round and gave me a slight points advantage in the Amateur GTO class over 2nd place Nik Lenski.

The final round took place on September 15th and 16th at Pikes Peak Int'l Raceway in Fountain, CO. On Saturday I ran a strong race and was able to finish 2nd in the Heavyweight Endurance race, which put me 2nd overall in the championship behind 1st place Shannon Moham and just in front of 3rd place Mike Applehans. Sunday was much more intense. After shaking off the jet lag, I took a comfortable 2nd in the Amateur GTU race that morning. Due to the snapped throttle cable/DNF during round 5, 2nd was the best I could do overall in the championship, so I conceded the glory and victory to Nik Lenski and put 100% focus on the Amateur GTO race and championship later in the day.  

David w/ his championship winning R6 and support crew
following the Amateur GTO race on Sunday, Sep 16th 2012
Following lunch, it was time to get down to business. Due to the fact that I was only up by two points overall and that round 7 was scored as double points, meant that the final Amateur GTO race was winner-take-all for the championship. I had a great group of family and close friends to support me before, during, and after the race. When the lights went out it was a burner of a race. Per usual, Nik and I battled it out the entire race with multiple lead changes and some intense bar-banging, paint-swapping action. In the end, I took the victory over Nik and 1st overall in the 2012 MRA Amateur GTO championship!!!

Check out a video of the race here... 

This season has been a real dream come true. My initial goals for the season were to get my first official sprint race win and take top three in one of the championships. Actual stats were much, MUCH better and more than I could have asked for. I was able to set 4 class lap records and in 21 race starts, I took 16 podium finishes including 6 race wins. I did however have one crash and one DNF due to throttle cable failure, but you have to take the good with the bad right? Overall, I took 2nd in both the Heavyweight Endurance and Amateur GTU championships and 1st in the Amateur GTO championship. Thanks to all my friends, family and sponsors for the support and being part of a year I'll never forget... What a ride!!!   

~ David 

Thursday, August 23, 2012

2012 MRA Round Five @ High Plains Raceway

David "Mobster" Mobley backin' it in during a recent
Colorado Supermoto Shootout series Asphalt-only race
Welcome back!  It has been quite an eventful few weeks since my last update...  In addition to the race action during round five, which I'll cover below, I was able to chalk up a couple of additional race wins.  One at round five of the Colorado Supermoto Shootout series at Colorado National Speedway and one at round four of the UtahSBA Masters of the Mountains series at Miller Motorsports Park in Tooele, Utah.    

The CO Supermoto chaps were very welcoming yet again and held races at Colorado National Speedway earlier this month.  Per usual, I sucked majorly in the dirt, but won the asphalt-only class that I entered.  The cross-training on my CRF450r supermoto bike is really paying off and I'm getting more and more comfortable sliding the back end around both under heavy braking and power on the throttle coming out of turns.

David taking home some
hardware after winning yet
another supermoto race!
In addition, I jumped at the chance to join Steve Mills and the Dunlop crew out at Miller Motorsports Park this past weekend to race with the UtahSBA Masters of the Mountain group.  I did quite well not having raced on the track or with the MoM series before.  I was able to take away a 3rd place finish in Middleweight Superbike and a 1st place win in the Combined GTU race.  There were some VERY fast guys out there on middleweight bikes, notably Chad Swain and Scott Decker both from Canada representing the maple leaf.  They were 'aboot' two seconds per lap faster than me all weekend and there was nothing I could do about it!  However, I learned a thing or two from them and am taking that newfound skill/speed with me into round six this coming weekend at High Plains Raceway.  

Now on to a quick recap from round five of the MRA (Motorcycle Roadracing Association) race series.  On Saturday, July 28th I was able to take 3rd place in Heavyweight Endurance.  This has been a practice race for me all season to prepare for sprint races on Sunday.  However, with the 3rd place finish I was able to secure 3rd in the championship for the year with a four point advantage over fellow fast middleweight racer Ken Yee.

David, leading the race, coming into turn one hard on the
binders in the Amateur GTU race on Sunday, July 29th
On Sunday, 100% of my focus was on Amateur GTU.  This is the class that I have been laser-focused on all year and the one I've targeted the championship in since 2008.  Nik Lenski and I went into the race tied in points and tied in the championship.  When the lights went out I got the holeshot and led the first half of the race.  However, headed into turn eight on the 4th lap, my throttle cable snapped ending my race, providing me with a DNF and thwarting my hopes for the class championship.  I watched from my bike on the side of the track as Nik circulated and won the race.  I guess anything can happen in racing, so I'll put my head down and try to win the next two races, but the championship will be hard to obtain without a miracle of sorts.  Unfortunately, simple math is hard to overcome...

David being pushed back to the pits following a throttle cable
snafu in the Amateur GTU race.  Not the expected race finish
After the unfortunate happenings in the Amateur GTU race, I was offered to borrow a fire-breathing Yamaha R1 race bike from fellow racer, talented artist, and all around good guy Chris Fuller.  With a 'you break it, you buy it' gentleman's agreement in place, I headed out on track for the first time EVER on a 1000cc liter bike.  I was nervous being on a borrowed bike and it took several laps to get to a decent pace.  Fortune was on my side as there was a red flag after several laps due to an incident, which meant a restart to the race.  That meant that I had a mock start and several laps of practice under my belt prior to the actual race.  I won't bore you with details, but was able to put the R1 on the top step of the podium with a win and was able to circulate within three seconds of my typical race pace, which I'm pretty proud of.  That race win puts me in 2nd place just two points behind Nik going into round six this coming weekend in Amateur GTO.  So now you guessed it, I'm laser-focused on Amateur GTO instead!

David, getting a decent start on the borrowed Yamaha R1
As I'm writing this I'm already amped and ready for this coming weekend at High Plains Raceway.  In fact, I leave on Monday for a three week trip, touching down in seven different countries and it hasn't even sunk in yet due to the pre-race adrenaline.  I'm hoping, following this weekend/round six, that I can plug in on the plane somewhere over the Atlantic and update you all with fantastic news in the next race update.  

Cheers until next round...  

~ David...  

Monday, July 9, 2012

2012 MRA Round Four @ Pueblo Motorsports Park

On Saturday, June 30th and Sunday, July 1st the MRA raced at PMP (Pueblo Motorsports Park) in the beautiful and bustling city of Pueblo, CO. You can probably sense the sarcasm in that I don't love the town of Pueblo. However, PMP is an amazing little road course that was repaved this year. The city approved approximately $1mil in funding to repave the road and drag course and to add to the facilities. The new surface and curbing added to the already fun and flowing layout of the course. My first sprint race ever was at PMP, so it is special to me and I would consider it one of my better tracks from a performance perspective. 

David "Mobster" Mobley (MRA # 78) carving
through turn 7 @ the newly resurfaced Pueblo
Motorsports Park - Saturday, June 30th 2012
On Saturday the weather was clear, sunny and extremely hot. I think it finally topped out over 100 degrees in the middle of the day. I had three practice sessions in the AM to get up to speed and 'feel out' the new track surface. The night before I had ridden a scooter around the track several times, so I knew some areas to look out and aim for and adjusted brake markers, turn-in spots, apex locations and throttle application points accordingly. The new surface was chewing tires in strange ways. My N-Tec rear Dunlop was shredding on the power strip on the left side and my front was cold-tearing on the right side. I finally ended up raising tire pressures one pound and went with a slightly harder compound on the front for Sunday, which helped tremendously. 

Mobster down! The dirty Puma/Dainese
suit following the Pueblo turn 9 incident
The racing was intense both days! As usual, on Saturday I raced in Heavyweight Endurance. This is a difficult class where the top four racers in the class all have a real chance to win. At the start I was second place into turn one but made a small error, which allowed both Mike Applehans and Rick Grosse to sneak by me. For two laps it stayed like this, Shannon Moham leading the way, Mike Applehans in 2nd, Rick Grosse in 3rd and yours truly in 4th. On lap three I was able to dispose of both Mike and Rick and was tracking down Shannon for the lead. For the next four or five laps I was on Shannon like glue, but couldn't find a way by him. As we started getting into lapped traffic it was a chess match. A chess match that I lost as I missed a brake marker and ran off track in turn 9! I got back on track and was still in 2nd with a healthy gap. I should have just played it safe and finished the race in 2nd, but we all know racers don't think that way. The 'red mist' had me and I put my head down. I ended up tracking Shannon down, but with one lap to go I tucked the front under heavy trail-braking into turn 9 and down I went. From battling for the win, to an easy 2nd place, to a DNF and zero points. Oh well, that's racing!  

David leading Nik Lenski and Matt Diehl during
Sunday's Amateur GTU race - 7.1.2012
I woke up a little sore on Sunday, but ready to race. Both of my teammates Peter Emsley and Sam Roberts helped me tremendously by getting the bike back together the night before after the crash, so I didn't have to worry about anything but racing in the morning. In Amateur GTU, which is my main race, I got the holeshot and led the race for the entirety. On lap 5 out of 7, my nemesis Nik Lenski tried a Melandri dive bomb maneuver on the brakes in turn 9, but ran wide and I was able to get him back immediately. On the last lap I made a small mistake, which allowed Nik to get by in turn 9. I pushed him slightly wide in turn 10 (last turn) and got a much better drive. However, he lost traction and spun the rear which caused his leg to jut off the peg and dangle directly in front of me. I slightly rolled off the throttle to avoid his leg and that cost me the race by two-thousandths of a second! That means that Nik and I are tied for the championship in Amateur GTU leading into round five with Dara Lor and Matt Diehl in a close 2nd/3rd.

My second race on Sunday was interesting as well. I got an amazing start, but since Amateur GTO is filled with bikes of all sizes, I was immediately out dragged into turn one by Zach Ritchey on an amazingly FAST liter bike. I was able to get back by him in the infield, but down the straight sections on every lap he motored back by me. This was VERY frustrating, but I kept my cool and finished in a respectable 2nd place followed by Nik Lenski and Nyles Gourlie.

David cross-training on the
'other bike' near Vail, CO
All-in-all it was a great weekend. Even though I could only manage two 2nd place finishes, I was able to set new class/lap records in both Amateur GTU and Amateur GTO, which is quite an accomplishment. Our next round will be at High Plains Raceway in Byers, CO on July 28th & 29th. Between now and then I plan to do a test and tune day at High Plains on the 16th and will be working in cross-training sessions on both my road bicycle and Honda CRF450r supermoto race bike. Thanks for reading and I hope to see you out at the next round!!!

~ David 

SUMO is FUN!!!  David cross-training on the supermoto
at IMI Motorsports Complex Erie, CO - June 2012

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Chalk Up Another Victory!!! MRA Round Three

Another amazing weekend of racing has come and gone!!! 
David "Mobster" Mobley (#78) ripping through The Attitudes
during a track day at Miller Motorsports Park in Tooele, UT

On Saturday, June 9th and Sunday, June 10th the MRA held round three at High Plains Raceway in Byers, Colorado. Before we get into that however, I'd like to note briefly that the fearsome foursome (Peter Emsley, Sam Roberts, Brooks Bryant and myself) had an AMAZING 'guys motorcycle weekend' watching the AMA and World Superbike races at Miller Motorsports Park in Tooele, UT and causing havoc in and around Salt Lake City. This has become an annual event and this year certainly did not disappoint! 

I arrived in Salt Lake City very early Thursday morning and was invited to participate in the annual Celebrity Challenge go-kart race, which is an event prior to the weekend kick-off to build press and excitement. The go-kart event allowed me to meet and mingle with my World Superbike heroes. I met, joked and laughed with them all; Haslam, Checa, Guintoli, Rea, Biaggi and the rest of the crew, but the funniest and loudest of them all had to be Smilin' Tom Sykes! He was eventually black flagged from the race for running his cart off track too many times, which was one the more hysterical things I've ever seen. 

Friday through Sunday the boys and I helped out the AMA as Dunlop tire marshals, which allowed us to be up close and personal with our heroes working directly alongside them in the pits. On Monday, we all kicked back and watched the WSBK and AMA Superbike races. We stuck around on Tuesday for a training / test and tune track day, which was absolutely amazing, and we were even able to sneak in a brief trip to Bonneville Speedway on the Salt Flats for some goofing around. Check out a brief video of the trip below...  

Now, back to the race report... The weekend in Byers was sunny and breezy with blistering heat. On Saturday we had our annual 4 hour "Pony Express" endurance race and the almost 100 degree weather kept the sweat flowing inside race suits and the tires quite greasy, both of which contributed to slightly slower than normal lap times throughout the day (mid 1:55/1:56's for me). The wind picked up a bit on Sunday and the temperature dropped 10 - 12 degrees, which made for great racing to round out the weekend.  

The 'Ninja Slipper Race Project' endurance team consisted of Sam Roberts, Peter Emsley and yours truly. Our team was up against approximately 30 other teams of up to four members during the four hour endurance race on Saturday. I was nominated to qualify for our team and placed us 5th on the grid behind four screaming 1000cc liter bikes, which I'm quite proud of actually. My plan was to run the first and last hour leaving two hours in the middle for Sam and Peter to split up into three 40-minute sessions. The sweltering heat caused me to pull in after 52 minutes in the first session and 45 minutes in my last session. Both Sam and Peter more than pulled their weight and we ended up taking 7th place overall in the race. Not quite as good as I would have liked, but not too shabby considering the teams that finished in front of us were almost all on bigger bikes.  

David battling for the win with Nik Lenski (#969) in the Amateur
GTU race during round three of the 2012 MRA race series - June 2012
On Sunday, I had yet another stellar day in both of my races. In my main class (Amateur GTU) I was able to set a new class lap record of 1:52.4xx. I held the record for approximately two milliseconds, until Nik Lenski, who I was battling with through the entire race, had my draft and bettered my time with a 1:52.2xx. Regardless, I was able to hold him off and took 1st place. My second flag-to-flag victory in Amateur GTU in a row, which puts me 1st in the championship leading into round four at the newly resurfaced Pueblo Motorsports Park, which is where I cut my teeth racing and I would consider my fastest circuit on the season calendar. In my second race of the day (Amateur GTO) I had a rocket start from second on the grid and led the race for the first lap. However, Nik put his head down and got by me on lap two and after a lackluster race ended up taking victory. Although second place isn't bad, once you taste victory nothing compares unfortunately. 

2012 has been a great season thus far. Here is David
celebrating yet another victory in the Amateur GTU race
All-in-all it was a fantastic weekend of racing. I was able to put my Yamaha R6 into 7th, 1st and 2nd in my three race starts consecutively. I wouldn't have been able to do that without help from my sponsors. This weekend was a success due to a nicely set up bike thanks to Dave from STM Suspension and some sticky N-TEC rubber thanks to Steve at Dunlop. I can't wait for the next round at Pueblo. My goal is to 'do the double' on Sunday in both AM-GTU and O. Wish me luck! 

Until next time...  ~ David

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Monkey Off My Back - MRA 2012 Round Two Report

Round two of the 2012 MRA (Motorcycle Roadracing Association) race series got underway at Pikes Peak International Raceway in Fountain, CO on Saturday, May 19th.  The weather on Saturday was 'iffy' at best.  The morning saw wind, some sprinkling rain and chilly weather.  The rain let loose at around 11am and then subsided around 1pm to give us a decent afternoon of racing.  I ran all three Expert Fast practice sessions in the morning and was able to learn the track and get my times down into the 1:02's (the fastest practice times were 1:00's and 1:01's). 
Was able to "get the monkey off my back" and take
my first race win in Amateur GTU Sunday, May 20th
Video here:

Despite the large time gap between morning practice and the races, I felt confident leading into my first and only race for Saturday, Heavyweight Endurance.  I got a good start and moved into third position.  For around 8 of the 16 laps, I was able to hold third while slicing through lapped traffic.  Unfortunately, Dave Gallant was able to get up the inside of me into turn 3 and take the final spot on the podium.  Towards the end of the race, Dave and I were able to catch Mike Applehans.  Dave got around him and I reeled him in, but I got caught out by some lapped traffic and could only manage a fourth place finish at the line.  I was a bit disappointed as I know I could have managed a third and possibly even a second if my mind had been right and I was slightly more aggressive with the lappers. 

Sunday saw much better weather and we were blessed with a 70+ degree partly cloudy day throughout.  I ran both AM practice sessions and was able to drop my times into the 1:00's, which was good enough to be the fastest middleweight bike leading into the morning races. 

I slapped some new Dunlop rubber on the bike and that, coupled with my fantastic practice times, prepared me mentally for my upcoming Amateur GTU race.  I was 2nd on the grid (front row - middle) out of 27 riders.  When the lights went out I got an amazing holeshot and led into turn 1.  I managed to hold that lead the entire race up until the last lap.  Nik Lenski (# 969) ran an amazing race and tracked me down and attempted a last lap lunge into turn 3, but I was able to get back under him into turn 4.  I could feel him on my tail for the remainder of the last lap, but put my head down, kept on the gas and wasn't going to give up my first race win.  In the end I crossed the line first and captured my first official MRA sprint race win!

My last race on Sunday was Amateur GTO and it was a carbon copy of Amateur GTU except that (Nik) Lenski was able to make the same last lap lunge into turn 3 stick.  My tires were too greasy to make an attempt to regain 1st, so I settled with 2nd and crossed the line. 

All-in-all it was an amazing weekend for me.  I've gotten a handful of 2nd and 3rd place finishes, but my win in Sunday's AM-U race was my first official win and it feels GREAT to get the monkey off my back!  I now officially know that I have the skills, confidence and speed to be at the front from here on out.  My offseason training has paid dividends both mentally and physically and I am fully prepared and pumped to win another leading into round three in a few weeks at High Plains Raceway in Byers, CO. 

This race win was and is very special to me and I've been working hard at it since 2008.  Although I prepared, studied and trained hard, I wouldn't have been able to do it without the support from Charlie Johnson with Puma Motorsports Germany, Steve Mills with Dunlop Racing Tire Service and Dave Rose (STM Suspension). 

Cheers to the win and many more to come!

~ David

Monday, May 14, 2012

2012 Race Season Underway - Round One Report

The MRA (Motorcycle Roadracing Association) 2012 season got underway on Saturday, May 5th and Sunday, May 6th. Both days were blessed with warm Colorado sunshine with Sunday being a bit windier. Regardless, both days had some amazing racing!!! 

David "Mobster" Mobley (#78) ripping through turn 2
High Plains Raceway Byers, CO
I got off to a strong start in Heavyweight Endurance, which is a class that runs a 30-minute race with bikes allowed up to 750cc. Due to some sealant issues, we ended up running the High Plains Raceway North Course as opposed to the usual full course configuration. This leveled the playing field and allowed those who are better at learning new tracks to get up to the top of the practice times. I was one of those and was able to take 3rd place in the Heavyweight Endurance race.  Keep in mind; I've only had three podium finishes since 2008, so ending the drought was quite a relief for me! 

I attribute the success to a TON of off-season preparation and training. I've been studying roadracing books, cross-training on my supermoto bike, cycling and weight training, cutting weight and getting myself mentally prepared with yoga and meditation. I also cut out all alcohol in my diet and it has worked wonders mentally!  Finally, I worked with my suspension guy, Dave Rose (STM Suspension) and we made several changes before, during and after practice sessions throughout the weekend. For the first time in my racing career I'm also off Michelin tires and on Dunlop for the 2012 season. Getting used to the 190 rear is a bit of a change, but the tires felt great and the wear was gradual and consistent. 

David and Nik (#969) slicing back and forth in Amateur GTU
Watch race here: 
Sunday was a special day for me as I was able to take two more podium trophies after amazing battles in both the Amateur GTU and Amateur GTO classes. Due to a lack of points from the 2011 season in GTU, I was starting from 8th on the grid in the 3rd row. My goal was to get away clean and get behind Nik (Lenski) for the first few laps to see if we could make a break from the rest of the field. I got a rocket start and was able to move all the way up into 3rd into the first turn. I put my head down and sliced into 1st place going into turn 3A. I put my head down and set a fast pace! Nik was on fire and was able to catch me around lap 5 and we ended up dicing back and forth for the remainder of the race. Technically, I won the race due to an illegal pass under waving yellow, but I'm not one to 'win' under technicalities, so I let it slide and took 2nd place. Let's just hope those 4 points don't make a difference in the championship standings at the end of the season! Watch a video of the race here: 

Amateur GTO was an interesting race for sure. I was in a similar grid position for the start due to lack of points from 2011, but was able to get away clean when the lights went out. However, I ran wide between turns 2 and 3A and went off track for a little dirt biking!  I went from 3rd or 4th all the way back to 8th, which meant I needed to put my head down and ride hard to make my way back up front. Well, I did just that and was able to chase down 1st place in just under 4 laps. I was gaining on the leader when a red flag came out due to a nasty crash between two riders on lap 5. This ended the race and since we were past the halfway point, we didn't restart. 

All-in-all, it was an amazing weekend for me. From two podium finishes in four years, to three podium finishes in as many races in one weekend! Aside from the personal training and preparation I committed to, I wouldn't have been able to do it without help from several people and sponsors, whom I would like to briefly thank.  First, thanks to Dave Rose @ STM Suspension for dialing in my bike and getting it sorted for the new Dunlop rubber. Speaking of tires, I'd like to thank both ‘Steves’ from Dunlop for providing sticky race tires that allowed me to take away a hefty amount of contingency money. I'd also like to thank Charlie Johnson at Puma Motorsport Germany (the suit and boots look and feel great). In addition, thanks to Chris, Bri and crew at Qi Fitness and Qi Ryders for keeping me fit. Finally, my cheering section at the races on Sunday. Here's to a successful round two in a week!!! 

~ David